Great central place to walk around and grab a bite, although my friend and I were both quite surprised at how empty it was at lunchtime on a Saturday. By 1pm, however, the inside of the market was packed with people, so my advice is to get there early, order your food, and snag a table under a tree outside (on a nice day) before the crowds descend. Also, get your parking validated on Saturdays and Sundays!
You’ll also find more positive reviews and testimonials on Square’s site. I like that there is a mix of short testimonials (with merchant and business names attached) as well as long-form press coverage.
I am in the same boat. I set up my account beggining of February, they verified it, let me believe it was all set up, I even did two small transactions for $5.00 just to be sure it was working, no problem, the money was in my account. Later, when I swiped 2800.00 is, I’m getting emails they need more information to verify my account. So they wanted three months of bank statements, all my signed receipts, (they can’t verify signatures with the signature you capture on their app) credit card agreement for my customers, my business information. But they advertise” NO Surprises!”. Of course you can’t reach anyone by phone to talk to them. Then, this is the best, after I send all this information, they send me an email and tell me my account has been deactivated for too much activity. I can return everybody’s money or wait three months and they will refund mine. So the billionaire Jack Dorsey is keeping my money for three months because he doesn’t make enough with Twitter. Search the internet, exact same thing they have done to numerous other people. This money was for a friend dying of Cancer, real nice Square, you need money that bad. Scandalous and sickening.
Fast Company: “The result was the Square reader, which launched a year ago and which allows just about anyone to set themselves up to take credit card payments. Even you. Planning a garage sale and want to enable people to pay for your gerbil cages and Shawn Cassidy LPs by credit card? No problem. Square’s for you.”
The main complaints you’ll find from businesses that use Square are issues involving reserved funds, account suspensions, and account terminations, all of which result in the same outcome: withheld money. Sometimes it’s one transaction that’s withheld; other times it’s all the funds waiting to clear, plus even more funds taken from a linked bank account to cover older transactions. Reserves, suspensions, and terminations are all account stability issues. A stable account allows you to process payments and access funds predictably and without worry. An unstable account does not. Unfortunately, for many businesses Square’s accounts prove unstable.
I was told how great this system is….. Well I bought the reader at Best Buy (worst electronics store ever) and it got worse from there… after 20 times of deleting all the info & app., reinstalling it all again and getting the same error message “The operation couldn’t be completed. (kQHTTPOperationErrorDomain error 422) I sent an email each hour (for 6 hours) with no response, then I found your site and have been calling ever since (just two days)…. With the same results, no response, at least I only got burned for 10 bucks….. Cheaper than a bad movie & I wouldn’t EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM NOW
I am a stylist that booth rents. I thought it would make my life easier but it has been nothing but a headache ever since. I keep being told that my checking account hasn’t linked up yet they have deposited money into my account. To this day I still cannot accept credit cards and all I keep being told (when they bother to answer an email) is they don’t know why. I have since signed up with intuit-go Which is what I should have done in the first place!
Square doesn’t have monthly or hidden fees and it has the same processing fee for all major credit cards: 2.75% per swipe, dip, or tap, 3.5% + 15 cents for each keyed-in transaction, and 2.9% + 30 cents for each invoice or e-commerce transaction.
Any kind of reader is basically a way to get numbers into the device without having to enter them manually. Even the square app allows for manual input if the magnetic strip fails. That’s not the real weak link and therefore I am calling this misdirection. The real weak link is what happens to your card once it leaves your sight. Because then anybody with criminal intentions can note down the card’s details only to sell it later via a shady newsgroup.
Square reported my 2012 taxes as personal taxes and not business taxes. I emailed them 8/13/14 several times and called them. Except for once there is no response to emails. They don’t answer calls, they hang up. Just now I was speaking to RYAN Ryan who said he was getting in touch with the tax team and he basically COULD NOT HELP ME . He said he didn’t know when they would get back to me. DOES SQUARE even HAVE A TAX TEAM?
If you do not want to wait 90 days to receive these funds, you may consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seek an alternate form of payment. To learn more about processing a refund, please see: How to refund a payment. Thank you for understanding. Square Account Services. [otp_overlay]

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  1. An exciting collection of eateries and services under one roof! Get your hair cut at Crewners, named 2015 Small Business of the Year by the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce (, grab a drink at one the comfortable bars and choose from a variety of yummy confections and savory dishes. You really can’t go wrong. Even the cafe is pure art!
    In the press release, Square Hardware Lead Jesse Dorogusker says that Apple is involved with this partnership. “Anything we can do to make a seller’s experience faster and safer, including working with Apple to encourage Apple Pay usage, is an investment worth making,” Dorogusker said.
    Does anyone know how the BBB rating for Square has been “CPO adjusted”? The link to the rating criteria seems to be a dead end and I can’t identify any other card processors who have been subject to similar adjustments.

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