so i reapllied fix the issue. said i was approved. ran 3 cc total $1100. i didnt get the confirmation email or and thing. money was pulled from my account and customers.should be account tomorrow am. i found numbers and addresses.
With Square Register you get dedicated hardware (including a seller display, customer display, hardware hub, and mounting kit), embedded point-of-sale software, and Square’s secure payments technology — and they’re all built by Square, so you can sell with confidence, knowing everything will just work together.
As  @SaraSanchez mentioned earlier, the Square for Retail app can’t be run directly on the Square Register hardware, but all of the backend features (multi-location inventory management, cost of goods sold and profit reporting, purchase order creation, etc.) will still be available to use through your Square Dashboard. 
Inexpensive: I know I just said some merchants are wishing the fees were lower. That’s true, but plenty of other merchants like the costs. Because Square does not charge a per-transaction fee on swiped transactions, low-ticket businesses stand to save a significant percentage. This is because a $0.10 transaction fee on a $5 ticket is actually 2% added on. When you look at it that way, the 2.75% flat rate starts to look really good. Also, many American Express transactions are actually processed below cost by Square, which might not be sustainable long-term but is great for businesses that process a lot of Amex cards. Even add-on services that cost a monthly fee are comparable to third-party options. Not only that, but Square’s EMV readers are the most inexpensive options available — $29 for an EMV-only reader, and $49 for an EMV/NFC-enabled device. You pay nothing extra for a full-fledged virtual terminal, recurring billing, or a customer database and PCI compliant card vault to store card numbers.
So the question is there a better solution for this online pickup AND delivery order option that ties directly to the POS while still keeping low fees? This is an issue as it accounts for 20% of our orders and growing.
I recommend anything but square. This is the second time my reader has stopped working. My password does not work, the email reply asked for the street I was raised on but when I enter it in it says invalid. When I call square the recording asked for a code that I’m suppose to get by accessing my account on line!!! So now I can’t access my account online and the tech support won’t accept my phone calls. Square has a lot to learn about customer support. allowed a chargeback be done by a customer for 865.00, they disputed 560.00 of the money and awarded it back to the customer and I am still waiting on the remaining amount that is owed back to me. I worked very hard for that money and I sent numerous emails explaining the situation and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you can not speak with a live person regarding matters with your money. That should be illegal how they run their website. I am about to send them another email regarding this matter since they have not bothered to respond back to a few others I sent. I am ready to get away from them and go with my bank to process credit card transactions for the business. It has been a nightmare with them and I wish I never went with them in the first place.
I recently started using Square Up and absolutely LOVE IT! I, too, am with an in-home party business and recommend all my consultants use Square Up. I find my customers LOVE being able to swipe and sign at the parties and this way, I don’t need to keep confidential information such as credit card numbers on file. The merchant fee with Square Up is lower than what my company offers so I am saving money. I had to contact Square Up Customer Service and was highly impressed with their timely response, professionalism and ability to solve my issue very quickly. I give Square Up an A+ for my business!
I’m not even a business owner; I actually was purchasing equipment at my own expense for trainees, and used Square to collect reimbursement–there was no mark up and no profit–just a straight reimbursement. Luckily, I will be with my cardholders in a conference for two more days and will have an opportunity to get another form of payment from them…I got so scared about losing what amounts to a month’s salary that I immediately processed a few large refunds and was able to successfully back myself out of all of the charges so that there is nothing pending for deposit anymore. As soon as I know the cardholders got their refunds, I’m cancelling the hell out of this account. No more Square for me (though, like some other son here, I really liked it, until this went down. )
Ok…FINALLY deposited funds on December 15 after holding them since December 7 and December 9 respectively. Numerous telephone calls, numerous messages, hours and hours of conversations with representatives that could do NOTHING. Never a returned phone call from emails or messages left on answering machine. Micky Mouse outfit.
I believe it is possible. This will happen from a staff that has totally planned this through. He or she will come to work with a smartphone ready to do “damage”. All that needs to be done is switch the square reader.
Features/design: Square has, far and away, the most diverse and advanced feature set of any major mobile processing service without a monthly fee. This is why people choose Square: It’s really, really hard to beat the price for everything you get. And that list is growing all the time. See the Features section above for a complete list of all the cool things you can do with Square.
Search all your transactions by receipt number or card in the transactions tab. This makes it easy to print a new receipt or issue a refund to your customer. Just find the transaction and use the big buttons at the top.
“>Learn More.

Excellent review. We’re looking closely at square as our POS system for a bike rental business. We’re trying to figure out if a customer rents a bike with a required deposit of say 200 can we swipe the card without charging the customer at that time and then “refund” their deposit when they come back and charge them only for time used for the rental? Does square have a facility where there is a time out and time in? We know it’s not a reservation system but we can’t seem to get an answer to this question.
I pay to use this service. Access my phone?, yes. Manage my phone?, not necessary. You don’t need that much access. You don’t need to manage anything about me or my phone. You don’t need to know about my business. Only to process credit card payments for my business. But if we don’t accept, we d…
If each stylist’s sales need to go to individual accounts, it can all be handled on one machine but each stylist will need to log in to their own account before the sale (and log out afterward, to avoid errors). No aggregate information will be collected; the separate accounts (including things like inventory and reports) will exist completely independently.
Just wanted to leave a positive review amidst all the negative ones. For a small online business Square has been a good choice (although I have only recently worked with them). Their e-mail responses to my questions have been timely (within 2 days). I do not see a telephone option, however, as mentioned above when you contact their support people. Perhaps that has recently changed. Although Tom had his site up and running within an hour or so, it took me (not tech savvy) and my son many hours to figure out how to create an online site. My one complaint is that when a customer orders more than one of the same item, the shipping price does not increase. For example, if I charge $3 for shipping one item and someone orders 10, the shipping stays at $3. Although I inquired if there was a fix for this, the support people mentioned adding modifiers or price points, but not being tech savvy I could not figure out how to apply this to my situation. Do I make a long list for every single item [ i.e. 1 book, 2 books, etc and each with a different price?] That seems tedious and there is still that little box that allows the customer to increase the quantity without the shipping price increasing proportionately. Any suggestions?
This isn’t necessarily going to replace the Stand or Square’s other hardware. Instead, Dorogusker said this gives larger sellers “two great choices,” and he added that the real goal is to replace “the giant beige and gray boxes that are out there in the world.”
We are temporarily holding one or more payments in your Square balance because you exceeded your payout amount of $1,000 per week for manually entered transactions (payments where a card is not swiped). You can read more about our deposit policy here:
Yep! Square loses money on many transaction scenarios, including about 100% of American Express transactions, since retail AMEX transactions are 2.89% + $0.10. Small transactions are particularly troublesome, since no per-transaction/authorization fees are charged for card-present with Square. Square’s overall profitability is a popular area of speculation.
Glad to hear of your positive experience with Square’s processing. I contacted Square a couple of months ago about the possibility of a running tab/suspended ticket feature, and they said that they are working on it. That feature would really give the app a great competitive edge versus similar free apps. Not sure about Square’s compatibility with BridgePay, my thought is that it wouldn’t work. Keep us posted with your experiences!
I have used Square from day one. I have never had any problems at all! Ever! I am not a shill for Square. I use it for two brick and mortar business. A retail business ($30,000+ monthly in Square transactions) and for a professional services business. Never had funds put on hold ever. I have never needed customer support because Square works so well. I have never met another business owner who has had a bad experience either and I have met a lot. I also use Square’s new payroll processing service as well. It is a fraction of the cost of other payroll companies I have used and works flawlessly!Obviously the people with complaints have done something wrong that violated Square policy. They are not telling the whole story. Don’t expect to sign up with Square and suddenly run a $5000.00 credit card transaction the first day. No credit card processor in the world would allow that. Credit card fraud is rampant and Square is just protecting all parties concerned.
I believe square is so full of “crap” as of 1 yr. And 2 weeks today 9/18/2014. Square has yet to deposit my 13,600.00 and or refund to my customer .they give numerous excuses to my customer of why they can release the funds to either he of my self the business owner ..bull crap..I’ve contacted the district atty. Social media and television to bring these scam artist down …clicks ticking …they have passed so many of by deactivating our accts. And say high risk fraud bullshit to use our money to make money …bull crap …The man upstairs watches all things and karma .Don’t be giving me crap that it is a good company to do business with because it’s not ….
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