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Square wouldn’t line up with my bank tried to get customer service, the response was don’t expect a response, they were right I got no response. I spoke with my bank manager to see if it was something on my end, the banks end. Bank said Do Not Use Square. People lost money or held for super long time. And worst of ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I’m in a service type business, YOU NEED GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, IF NOT CUSTOMERS GO ELSEWHERE.
Appointments: Operate a salon or an office? Integrate Square’s appointment-setting software for a low monthly cost. This integrates with Square’s customer database so you can make notes and make the most of the experience for your customers.
Hi Melissa I like your review of Square. I own a small art gallery. Two-ish years ago we adopted Square as a POS system. We operate basically, like a co-op. We do not have a recorded inventory. It’s basically just POS. With respect to Square I know it records more data than I access. I would like to be able to isolate and print the data/sales specific to each artist for each payment period. Their personal sales data could then accompany their check. I am not a techie but I’m guessing this is probably very simple but I don’t know what to “call” it! Any thoughts? Thanks, Julie http://www.localcolorchatham.com
I have been working with Square for 4 years, i have a salon as i read these reviews very confused i have never had a issue, always been able to get some one on the phone when call and i have grown every year! Love this company! I think they do a great job
I believe it is possible. This will happen from a staff that has totally planned this through. He or she will come to work with a smartphone ready to do “damage”. All that needs to be done is switch the square reader.
Good Article, comments and reviews. One of my clients is considering moving to the Square, so I needed to do some new research. Thanks for all the feedback. After 11 years providing merchant accounts and 20 years of public accounting, the square is a good source for low volume merchants. If a business is processing more than $2000 per month, a real merchant account is better. Make sure you have a rep that will be around when and if you need them. Thanks Tom! I just found this site, will visit again.
2. Helcim: Good merchant account provider for small businesses. Great prices, very stable. You could save about 1% compared to a mobile processor. Downside: you’ll have to buy the hardware, which would be about $200 (the receipt printer is built-in). It’s a solid investment, and very reasonably priced compared to others. Monthly fee is $12.
I had tried this before with same results. I have been trying to contact them for two weeks now. They have deactivated my account but are still taking credit card payments from my customers. Problem is, they are not forwarding the payments to me. I send them emails, get no response and as you say without that account number the phone call is a waste.
@rrhoover The cost and simplicity is super-attractive too. No more card-swipe machines that suck and expensive fees for merchants. It opens the door to a lot of small businesses to accept payment types that used to only accept cash and checks, or spend too much just to accept cards. And this does even more, simply and easily.
Thanks for reading! Square is trying to improve their support, but there have been issues. Did you you get your unique 12-digit “Customer Code” aka Customer Support Code via the Support page? For each issue you have, you must generate a new support code in order to use phone support. If so, it’s possible that your code expired or timed-out. While I can’t say the system is perfect, I have been able to use the phone support before. So I’m hoping this is an isolated issue. Please come back and let us know if you make any progress with this.
My daughter set up Square early in the year as an easy way to process pmts doing farmers markets and shows. The payments were small and were processed immediately. Our biggest season is during the holidays and we handle large volumes of money via credit cards through our customers out of state and therefore their cards are not present for processing. We didn’t run into problems until we started collecting invoices for over $2000 at a time and more than one in one week. Now they are holding over $17K and telling us we have to wait 30 days to get the money. We have suppliers who need to be paid now not 30 days from now and we don’t have the money to pay them because Square is holding it and won’t release. We gave them copies of invoices, bank statements and everything they needed to make sure we were a legitimate business and not just running cards manually to steal. Not being able to find a telephone number to call and speak with someone is totally frustrating and now after reading all the other complaints, I wish we had never signed up for Square. In order to keep the business afloat, I now have to figure out a way to find the $17K that Square is holding so I can pay my suppliers and stay in business til Square releases the money. Square really is a sham and thief. Now that I know where they are located out of, we will be contacting our States Atty General and the California Attorney General as well as anyone else I can get a hold of. You can’t trust anyone any more!!
Hi, I’m looking for a good POS system to use for a small cafe. I’ve talked to a few merchants who said they use Square Register as their point-of-sale, yet process transactions through Moneris. Is this possible? I had downloaded Square to try it out, but it doesn’t let me finish the transaction without going through payment processing. Anyone can shed light on this? Thanks!
“>Learn More.

Square is the WORST company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! I started using them for the convenience, and everything went great for the first three months. Then, one day, my funds weren’t deposited. I emailed them (because you can’t call them, and even if you do they don’t answer and there is on voicemail) to find out what was going on. After almost a week, I got this weird email asking me to “verify” information, such as “reason for having multiple accounts.” I didn’t have multiple accounts, and emails asking for clarification went unanswered. After another 2 weeks, I got an email that they had deemed my account “high risk” (despite ZERO problems or chargebacks) and were closing it, and that they would be holding the money in my account for 60 days! Not knowing what else to do, I waited. Well, the 60 days came and went, no deposit. They had about $4K. I attempted to refund my customers so I could collect the money through another gateway…nope, couldn’t do that either. Just last week I filed formal complaints against Square to the California Attorney General and the State Attorney General of my home state, and emailed Square letting them know that I had done so. Finally today, after 3-1/2 months, I got my money.
So, with all of that said, you should check out CDGcommerce and Payline Data. Both will serve your needs (aside from the offline mode) and have low monthly fees ($5 to $10 monthly, and you can schedule seasonal downtime so you only pay for the months you need it). Both will also be more reliable than Square in terms of having access to your funds.
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Square has taken great steps towards improving its overall stability. It’s not perfect, and I highly doubt it will ever be. But if you read Square’s terms of use, make sure your business doesn’t fall on the company’s no-fly list, and take steps to protect yourself and your business as much as possible, you’ll be OK in the vast majority of cases.
Unfortunately Square does not offer recurring payment solutions. What you need is a provider offering a payment gateway that features a web-based virtual terminal and recurring payment/card vault functionality. This will allow your reps to enter the card info directly into the virtual terminal via a smartphone or laptop in the field. Any of our featured providers will be able to accommodate this. Each recurring entry is given a unique ID (not just for the transaction, remains consistent for each recurring cycle).
To some extent it depends on what percentage of those customers you anticipate will be paying with cards instead of cash/check. It you’re looking at over $10K monthly in cards (it sounds like you are), I’d say you should look beyond Square and the other mobile processors. Take a look at PayJunction. You might find that their other features are useful to you as well.
Processing providers may consider your business type to be high-risk. If this is the case, check out Payline Data and Durango Merchant Services. They both specialize in that kind of account, and can get you a fair rate. Otherwise, take a look at some of our all-around favorite providers. If you could use some more help choosing, submit this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
So did the customer get to keep the part and get his money back? This happened to me 3x. Customer keeps product and gets money back. Your bank will get your money back, but you will have to no longer use square after this, because they will continue to auto debit your account on a weekly basis. They will send you emails a head of time. You have to close down your bank account that you have linked to square. From this point, you shouldn’t use square anymore. Square allows fraud, and will never challenge the dispute for you, when they say they will. Yeah right, they can’t even pick up a phone, yet alone, answer emails
We are a small Florida town holistic office with an acupuncturist, chiropractor and massage therapist and also sell supplements. Business fluctuates mostly seasonally. I found the square to be great until I read that they can hold earnings indefinitely and without warning.
I tested square out with 1 client and thought they would be a great addition with the market place. They did a verification which I understand so I filled it all out and sent it to them. Even legal papers proving my company and in the other notes I even put. “Testing out square for our company with 1-2 clients if they integration with quickbooks goes great we will will use it for more.Next day BAM account deactivated and I could no longer use it. WTF Because I’m High Risk? All the time it took to setup everything down the drain…Guess what’s even worse? They keep whatever is in your account for 90 Days! It’s embarrassing to have to issue a refund and then meet the customer again. What if you shipped orders? You have to wait 90 days (and they still take the fee) for the money?They can shut down your company overnight and they have NO PHONE SUPPORT!
I love this system! Before it, I was using a standard cash register that would only ever be considered “fancy” when used at a yard sale. No way to track sales and way too many steps to simply ring up an item. The only thing I’d like to see added add of right now, would be on the drawer report. I…
Chargebacks are extremely frustrating and not always fair. Buyers can, and sometimes do, abuse the chargeback system. While Square could absolutely do a better job of helping to arbitrate chargebacks, this is a problem that you’ll come across no matter which processor you choose. If you’re interested in more information about chargebacks and what you can do to prevent them and fight them, check out this article. Also, if you’re interested in working with a credit processor that offers better customer service than Square, you should take a look at our higher rated processors via this chart. If you’re only interested in mobile processors, then check out this one instead. Best of luck.
I would leave them 0 stars if I could. STAY AWAY FROM SQUARE if you want your money and want to succeed. 2 TIMES they held thousands and thousands of dollars from me for 3 months. There is no excuse for that long. A few extra days makes sense to make sure its a legit transaction, but THREE MONTHS?? Thats them being criminals and making interest on other peoples money. STAY AWAY!
If that’s not the case, then I’m as confused as you are. There is no good reason for someone to be using your email address, unless by accident. If this was a case of fraud, most likely a dummy email account would be used. All the same, please do check your credit cards to make sure no fraudulent transactions have occurred.
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