Email marketing: I’ve said this before: Square really is an entire ecosystem for businesses. Send newsletters and special offers to your email subscriber using Square’s service, and take advantage of the data from your customer database to do so.
 I love my iPhone. It’s fun, it’s cool, it even helps me be more productive with all of its business/productivity apps. I wish I could mess around with it more (don’t have time), but I still love the possibilities it offers me.The…
The Square has been a very seamless way for us to take credit cards in our small art gallery. However, here is a tip that has really helped us use it. Often it takes a number of swipes to take the card. This tip we learned just yesterday: Pinch the reader while you swipe. I use my thumb and fore finger on my left hand, (being a right-hander by demand of my teachers) and hold the device on my lower rib cage. By pinching the reader, the card seems to have better contact, and READS THE FIRST TIME IT IS SWIPED. Try it.
A business ecosystem: Register integrates with Square’s business tools like analytics and Marketing, and with third-party tools through our App Marketplace. Our ecosystem provides everything you need to run and grow your business.
After one sale they put my account under review and then cancelled my account after a $2000 sale. They stated that “my business was not appropriate” and closed my account. Worst part is they charged my $60 on a $2000 purchase.

e-Commerce/Online ordering: To better understand Square’s ecommerce options, check out our in-depth exploration of Square’s online store and its ecommerce integrations. In the meantime, here’s a quick run-down: 
Just received an e-mail from this company that must be a phishing scam. Notice of impending debit of $3K from a bank account I have never heard of e-mailed directly to my corp e-mail address with links back to the same company website found via this article and any google searches. I have never used this company for my business before, but I had researched them awhile back and must have given them my e-mail address. Trying to contact them to ensure they won’t be charging me 3k has come up with no response. They won’t take my call unless I have a customer code which makes me submit a whole lot of private information on-line. Very Phishy, beware of providing any information to this company. Negative stars would be more appropriate, since all they have ever done is waste my time and patience.
And again, I’m not defending this as a good business practice or even a fair protocol. But it’s important to see where Square fits in the bigger picture. If we can help you to find a better and more reliable processor, please send us a message.
Your first option is to use a service like Flint Mobile, PayPal Here, or Square. These will operate outside of your merchant account, since the POS apps are bundled with the payment processing service.
worse they were still holding our funds that were more than triple the cost of the chargeback. If they had their way they would have had our funds on hold and the chargeback amount. We were told that we would have to submit documents concerning the chargeback and we did numerous times to a catchall e-mail account. Finally after 15 days they acknowledged that we sent the documents. The documents support our claim that the customer never sent back the product
WORSE COMPANY EVER!First of all, a large company with 500+ employees but NO ALIVE PERSON can answer the customer service phone. Oh, this company also hasn’t ANY customer service phone that can let people who are not customer to call. MUST BE WITH CUSTOMER CODE. BUT, Square DISCONNECTED my boyfriend account. Secondly, a large company only respond customer emails BUT they only answer the SAME MESSAGES in EACH EMAIL! Everything square respond to the any customer use COMPUTER! we are human not computer! PLEASE RESPECT YOUR CUSTOMER and GIVE IT BACK THEIR MONEY!! WE ARE REALLY DISAPPOINT AND UPSET! The customer got the email that his account is DISCONNECTED and his customer code isn’t work AT ALL EITHER!
Fees: I’ve seen multiple merchants expressing a wish that Square’s fees were lower — the processing fees and monthly fees. I suppose that’s only to be expected. Square does offer volume discounts, but only to businesses processing more than $250,000 per year. And it’s definitely worth taking stock of all the free features you get when you’re analyzing costs.
Customizable dashboard: Square lets users customize the information they see in their dashboard by dragging and dropping different widgets. This is always a nice thing to see because not everyone will use every single feature Square offers — and if you aren’t using it, you might not want to see it front and center on your dashboard.  
This company should be held accountable for not explaining why all these small business accounts are being deactivated with no explanation. I am the most honest person out there and do everything by the book. The account was closed and not one person in this company will tell me why. They have all my money and will not get it for 90 days. I am getting a lawyer and think everyone should do the same for how this goes down….treated like criminals with no explanation why. They cannot get away with this. I have never wanted to sue anyone in my life…but the embarrassment and making me feel like I have done something wrong is cruel…and my funds would have been nice for the kids at xmas. 🙁
Square gives a lot considering there is no monthly fee for either the POS or the processing service (unless you purchase add-ons or integrations). The processing rate of 2.75% is high, especially for debit transactions, but small transactions are actually very inexpensive to process with Square since no per-transaction fee (authorization fee) is charged (often $0.20 per transaction with other processors, which is an added 1% on a $20 transaction).
With features like inventory management, a free and fully functional virtual terminal, advanced reporting, offline processing, recurring billing, online sales and more — all executed very well — Square has more features than I’ve seen from any other no-monthly-fee provider. All of the free software puts merchants in a position to save money.
This company is a FRAUD. They are keeping $7K of my money for no reason for three months. I sent all my info to them and with many emails to them with not one response I get an email telling me that I am deactivated and that it is permanent with no given reason. Please spread the word about this horrible company. I have also logged a complaint at the BBB and Ripoff Reports. I suggest the same to all those that have been burned by this crappy company.
I was invited to move my Vacation Rental processing to Square because an agreement they made with to attend this tyoe of business.After reading and open an account I was surprised by all the good things they promised.As soon as I made my first $900 sale, they froze my account and demanded more information whcih I provided inmediately. Even though they took 48 hours to reactivate the account and deposit the first sale.Ingenuelly I thought that now things will work fine. Big mistake. I process in diferent sales $2900 over a weekend, however the Instant deposit was blocked and no explanations whatsoever from the company, One day later, without any previous contact, they informed me that my total account will be hold for 90 days!!!Outrageous. More than a business, this is a criminal organization. They deserve a Class Action Suit for all the time, money and stress caused to hundreds of business owners
I’ve been on board with Square for years, using it on my phone when I meet with customers. I much prefer it over the clunky POS systems usually in place. I love the way you can use it as a register in a storefront, but take it on the road if need be. I wish there was better website integration, so I could use it to do online sales.
I am leaving this review after being completely frustrated by this company. If I could leave 0 starts I would! After using square for over 2 years, I was suddenly notified by email, in a very unprofessional and unofficial looking way, to limit my transactions to 5,000 per customer per quarter. I was not provided any advance notice of this change. We run a busy interior design firm and our agreements with clients are specifically outlined that we process their payments on credit card. I am suddenly scrambling to come up with another payment option for my customers. I have tried to be in touch with Square numerous times to get additional information but have not been called back as promised. I have just hung up after being on hold for 45 minutes. If you want to run a successful business don’t bother using Square.
Appointments: Operate a salon or an office? Integrate Square’s appointment-setting software for a low monthly cost. This integrates with Square’s customer database so you can make notes and make the most of the experience for your customers.
Features/design: Square has, far and away, the most diverse and advanced feature set of any major mobile processing service without a monthly fee. This is why people choose Square: It’s really, really hard to beat the price for everything you get. And that list is growing all the time. See the Features section above for a complete list of all the cool things you can do with Square.
Thanks for reading! Square is trying to improve their support, but there have been issues. Did you you get your unique 12-digit “Customer Code” aka Customer Support Code via the Support page? For each issue you have, you must generate a new support code in order to use phone support. If so, it’s possible that your code expired or timed-out. While I can’t say the system is perfect, I have been able to use the phone support before. So I’m hoping this is an isolated issue. Please come back and let us know if you make any progress with this.
I’m not going to say Square is the most accommodating company as far as BBB complaints go, but there’s a definite improvement, and I have seen companies that are far more stubborn and much less apologetic. If your account hasn’t already been terminated, there’s definitely hope.
There are many of us, please get in touch, I’m out $900 and an expensive necklace, no proof there was ever a chargeback. I’m sure a lawyer may listen if there are a few hundred of us. William Greenwood
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