For the convinience store we went with shopkeep. after reading some of the reviews here i hope i didnt make mistake however the reporting is good and i can be logged into the dash board on my laptop and see real time reporting. Also barcode scanning is great, looking up items manually is best on squareup but i can scan 30 items in seconds on shopkeep which is what i wanted. Also, dont buy the recommended items they have with the exception of the printer, do buy a ethernet printer, star micronics or epson. For the cash drawers any will work as long as it has a rj12 port. Also, any bluetooth barcode scanner will work with squareup or shopkeep, no need to drop $200 on a socket mobile 7ci unless you really want one. I got mine for $69 and it works great.
Shortly after 9 a.m. on Tuesday, February 28, Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a single engine Piper Arrow aircraft had gone down in the area of Government Mountain Road, about 13 miles east of the City of Milton-Freewater. 
In October of 2015, MasterCard and Visa both underwent a “liability shift.” According to that shift, if you’re a merchant and someone uses a chip card to make a fraudulent charge — but you didn’t use a chip reader — you’re on the hook for it. That shift also means if the fraud was caused by a simple swipe card, and you had a chip terminal, the bank would be on the hook for not issuing the right card.
Square is a joke! Opened an account and sent my very first invoice to my customer, which he promptly paid. Then I get an email from Square stating that my account shows a “pattern of high-risk transactions.” Really? After only ONE invoice!? So they deactivate my account and are currently holding my funds for 60 days. May they rot in Hell.
The truth about is that they are nothing more than a con job company. They are so eager to sign you up, they don’t do the traditional work as a normal credit card processing company does, until shortly after you start using the terminal and then you get hit with them stealing money.
On February 17, 2016 BBB was notified that consumers are receiving emails from Square Up notifying consumers of pending actions against their bank accounts. BBB reached out to Square and was notified that this is a Phishing Scam. The company request that consumers who receive this email report the incident to them via email: BBB suggest that consumers not reply to the message or give out personal or sensitive information. D Read More
Same problems I’ve had. No resolution, no way to contact the company and the “Online Help Center” is nothing more than a users manual. Don’t know how they can launch a half-baked product and get to a $1b threshold so quickly. My guess is they ‘re a shell company and will file CH11 when the heat is turned up, leaving us to stand in line with a paltry claim that will be settled for pennies on the dollar.
We have been fans of the giant turkey legs in the past, and stopped again this visit. Over the holiday weekend, the line exceeded 45 minutes before the fireworks. During the fireworks, we only had about a 10 person wait. These are a hot mess-…More
Square users beware! The Square contract allows Square to access your bank account even after you stop using Square because of the terrible service. I had to go to my bank and sign a document barring Square from accessing my bank account. Laurel Redd has long been a proponent of Square and I am happy that she has had good luck but there are far too many complaints about Square’s customer service (or lack there of) to dismiss. Square notified me that I would have to wait 90 days for funds and I was unable to reach anyone at Square for an explanation. Inexplicably, the funds were released prior to the 90 day limit but I never heard from Square even though I called 23 times, left a message each time and sent numerous of emails. Needless to say, I dropped Square like a bad habit and switched to GoPayment by Intuit, which is a real company with real customer service. Since then PayPal has also introduced a service similar to Square except that they actually have customer service, too. There is no reason to settle for a questionable service like Square when there are other reputable options with superior company values.
I highly recommend Square POS for any business struggling to manage the point of sale transaction. Especially new businesses, can get tied up and make mistakes when it comes down to taking money from guests, and this is often a real sticking point when things go awry. This is where Square excels most. Transactions are seamless and intuitive, and guests are happy.
The POS app is designed for a wide variety of businesses, and includes digital receipts, customer feedback via receipt, and other features. After signing in to your specific store (you can use the app with more than one store), it opens with a simple grid that shows your products and/or product categories on the left-hand side and the sales receipt on the right. When you choose a product, a pop-up window lets you select size, quantity, and other item choices, taxes, and discounts (which can be selected by customer group, such as Friends & Family or Employee). Customers can pay by using cash, gift cards, credit/debit cads, or other methods such as Android Pay or Apple Pay. If the customer wants to split the bill (for example, use a gift card and cash), then a button at the top right-hand side that’s labeled “Split” lets you do that. Customers can also add a tip if they choose. Loyalty schemes are integrated into the software as well and can be associated with credit cards or phone numbers. [otp_overlay]

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