I too have recevied the reader. I have only used it once (myself to test) and it worked perfectly. Your review helped because I am a small organization (football team) and my transactions are normally cash, but always in small denomination.
The combination NFC/EMV reader is approximately 2.5″ x 2.5″ square, and can be charged and then connected wirelessly, or plugged in to the Square Stand using a USB hub. The NFC/EMV combo reader also comes with a traditional magnetic stripe reader to allow you to accept older magnetic stripe credit cards.
I am not happy at all with square and would not recommend it to ANY business owner! I have been robbed of $6,000 on Friday and could not get anyone on the phone until Monday! I called the customer service number and we hung up on because I didn’t have my customer code!! Not for nothing but as a small business owner trying to compete with cooperation a I would like to be on an equal playing ground with customer service care!!! I wou never recommend this to anyone and suggest all small business owners to find another company for credit card transactions
Merchant accounts also offer an advantage in that most will let you bring any existing equipment you have with you, and they’ll reprogram it to work with their system. Much of Square’s equipment — the reader and the Square Stand in particular — work only with Square, so if you decide to switch, you’ll have to buy new equipment. If you have multiple registers or even multiple locations, the costs start adding up.
Not sure why, but they have sold or just gave out my email address. This is my finnancial email, I don’t give it out to ANYONE, but since I signed with Square, I get almost 100 junk/spam/phishing emails A DAY! What a waste of my time.
this app is just trash I open my new account I and use for first time I charge $1510.10 and they pull the money right away from my customer then I receive email they can’t deposit my money be cause some issues with my account I sent my business license and customer info and same thing I don’t receive my money yet they gonna return the money to my customer but I don’t know yet when is bullshit
Encryption would not have materially helped. The encryption keys would necessarily be stored in the Square reader and in the Square app—and extracting them from the latter would be very easy. So maybe Verifone would have had to take two or three hours instead of one. Encryption alone is never the answer to security issues.
They deactivated my account and kept the money from my client for themselves. They could at least cancel the transaction and refund my client. Or email me if there was a problem. But why bother?? Thieves!!!!!!
I’m experiencing the same problem!! I can’t get ahold of anyone!! I’ve called over and over and hit every button I could and now I’m so frustrated and wondering if it’s a mistake to deal with a company that has NO customer service.  I have sent 3 emails to the square help and nothing….   My test Bank swipe hit my account but nothing since then.  I see my sales history and it’s there, just not in my bank account where it’s suppose to be!  Especially after a 2 weeks.  What number did you call when you talked to Debbie??  I even called the Apple store where I bought the Square reader and “they” do not even have a contact number!!???  WTH if they are selling their merchandise wouldn’t you think they would have a contact number for issues???
Square is great in theory, and works well for the small business owner as long as you have no need to for customer support. If you are looking for a way to take credit card payments, be sure to look into all of your options. The customer support with Square is non-existent, and if there is any question over a transaction they will hold the money; not return it to your customer, not try to contact you, just hold it. You can work with your own bank to accept credit cards for lower fees, with more immediate turn-around and much better customer support.
At first using square was great. That was until there was a chargeback on my account. I spoke to the patient that questioned the charge and he immediately called his bank to cancel the dispute. I have sent several e-mails on the contact page with no response and finding a number to speak to someone is impossible. They have the worst customer service ever! I spoke again with patient and his bank told him that the funds were released a few days after he spoke with the first time and the dispute was canceled. Yet over a month later square still has not posted the funds back to my account nor responded to any e-mail. I even filled out two of their chargeback dispute forms and faxed it to them a week apart. It says you will receive a confirmation e-mail when it is received. That didn’t happen either. I have tried to get on the web site to cancel and remove my bank account info, and it wont allow me to. So once they have your account info there is no going back. They can take money out of your account at anytime they choose ( mine was three months later) for any reason and all you get is an e-mail saying they took it. I would be very surprised if I ever get it back.
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After the long waited 30 days passed, i still had not received my funds. After numerous emails, i was contacted by someone requesting a government issued ID and invoices for my sales. FINE, i was pissed off that they didn’t request this information earlier but WHATEVER. [otp_overlay]

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