24 sales in 30 minutes. Square shows all sales as dipped except for the last 4 which were swiped. (I had the declined people step aside until the end.) I see that these four cards were successfully swiped at the end of the sale. Further, looking at the status report, we have 4 declines which are the same 4 that were swiped at the end (I’m using the last 4 digits of the CC to crosscheck). To recap, the status report shows Declined for credit cards that were successfully charged just minutes later via swipe.
the amounts of money we spent with those two companies and the rotten treatment we received with them, was sterling service by comparison with the sabotage treatment that Square heaped upon us! But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and just have another CC processor handy, preferably with a credit union if you can, as a back up~~
Important Question: What about open invoices? How do these platforms handle open invoices? For example, if a client pays 50% down at time of sale and the balance upon completion of project a week later, how would this be handled? I have a web development company, we make websites for clients and manage their newsletter campaigns. When one of our sales reps meets with a client, we would like to take a 50% deposit, then collect the balance once the work is done (about a week to 2 weeks later). I know there is no “partial payment” option on the PayPal platform, so… would you just make 2 invoices – one for the deposit, one for the balance? But then: that would never show your open invoices or accounts receivable. This must be an important issue facing many companies. I’m so surprised it’s been overlooked.
1. Flint: Great for lower volumes, reliable, no extra hardware needed (just smartphone or tablet). Downside, it does not connect to a thermal printer. To print receipts, you’d have to do it through a normal office printer, and you have to initiate it from Flint’s online customer portal. Of course emailed receipts can be used instead, which are sent directly from the app. No monthly fee.
Don’t use Square credit card payment. Your money maybe delayed without any reason, Square will hold your money without telling you. They holding hundreds dollars from our company for more than one week. We tried to call Customer Service but they don’t have any phone number you can call. Very poor services, we are so disappointed.
Did you ever get your money? They have been holding mine for over 6 months and won’t answer my emails or messages. My deposit just says “pending”. Help, how can I get a hold of them to clear my funds.
Elaine Pofeldt is a journalist whose articles on entrepreneurship and careers have appeared in Fortune, Working Mother, Money and many other publications. She is a former senior editor at Fortune Small Business magazine and an entrepreneur herself, as co-founder of 200kfreelancer.com, a website for independent professionals. She writes “Your Business Credit,” a weekly column about small business and credit, for CreditCards.com.
Square Appointments Online appointment booking system that lets customers schedule their own appointments, set up automated reminders, and more. You can even charge missed appointment fees. Integrates with Google calendar, too. From $30/mo.
I’m sorry! We’re not Square, I just cover it from a how-to perspective. Here’s the link for how to get phone support with Square. But per your question, the transaction limit of $15,000 means 1 sale of $15,000. Square won’t approve a single transaction or sale over $15,000. For example, you can’t sell a car for $20,000 with Square. If you’re selling tickets for $50 each, you can sell as many as you want, you’re not limited to a total dollar amount of sales. You can sell $1 million worth of $50 tickets or more with Square.
I am having the same problem right now. I have their 855-700-6000 number but they wanted a number to sign in. I did that and it says the new number that I put in is not a valid number and the phone hangs up. I have 3 different case numbers and they have not replied to any of them. They have had my money since January 25th.
After signing up with them and taking my first payment I was sent a Verification by Square. I have a LLC registered with the Secretary of State for 13 years and have been in business for 13 years. I have filed all my taxes federal and state. I have been very profitable for 13 years too. My company has never gone bankrupt or been sued. My company doesn’t owe a penny to anybody and has over $500k in assets. I was just informed by Square that they we deactivating my account due to a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity. This decision is FINAL. I now have $500 taken from my customer 4 days ago sitting in Squares bank account and I cannot get it for 90 days. THIS COMPANY SUCKS AND IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY!!!!!!!!!! Use Intuit or Amazon, they are both great.
What happened in my case is they out of no where froze my accounts and to reactivate asked for every piece of information you could imagine. This included: all of my corporate documents, bank statements, LinkedIn information, scans of every document you could imaging, more than the government asks for.
Square provides a free card swipe reader and the mobile EMV card reader costs $29 and plugs into the headphone jack of any smartphone or tablet device and will allow you to accept credit card payments anywhere. This works with both iOS and Android. Credit card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe and none of the data relating to this is stored on your device.
I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Square. Unfortunately for Square, your frustration with the company is not at all uncommon. I would recommend that you look toward PayPal Here instead of Intuit GoPayment. Take a moment to read our comprehensive profiles of PayPal Here and GoPayment.
What exactly do you mean by transaction fee? Are you talking about the extra fee merchant’s charge on top of interchange rates? If so, you are still almost always going to pay less per transaction using a merchant services account. The tricky part, is whether or not you do enough processing to offset the $15/month membership fee.
To circumvent this this potential problem of having funds $1000 held I have applied for a Gopayment account and will use that for sales above $1000. This way I can also see which service I like and want to stick with in the future.
Both businesses and individuals can get a cashtag ($YourName), which you can link to your Square Cash account. You can share this tag with your friends and family members in order to make it easier to receive money from them or to use when you need to get a payment from someone but don’t necessarily want to share your phone number or email. [otp_overlay]

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