An organization I’m in established Square for our fundraiser last Oct. All went well. So I did one for another organization to use at a fundraiser. At first it looked like it would work, then I made a change to the information on the account, and it has been a nightmare since. Most all of their email communications appear to be computer generated and have never solved my problems. We are going in circles. I’ve asked that the problem be elevated to a real troubleshooting dept, and no response since then. There is money in the Square account that can’t get to the bank account. I’m so frustrated I found this site.
Bad experience with Square. Would say I will never use them again, but had a bad experience with Pay Pal some years back and haven’t used them in over eight years. As someone stated, your first transaction goes through fine. I am billing a customer each week and I did not find out my second transaction did not go through until I checked my account and the funds weren’t there. No communication to say as much. When you call the customer service number they require a code, which if you don’t have you can’t get through. They wanted all of this documentation. Fortunately, I had it because I am a business. But what if I didn’t have a business? Awful customer service. Square should be further regulated by the feds and should not be allowed to be in business when dealing with people’s money and you can’t get through to speak with someone.
Square Point of Sale is a mobile phone app available on Google Play and the App Store. The system is designed to run on a tablet or smartphone. Key capabilities include online payment processing, sales reports, inventory and digital receipts, as well as valuable analytics information.
A lot of people don’t like to read the fine print. And supposedly some did not by7the references made concerning square financial tool. All of these americanized companies must pass “check point charlie” especially financial institutions.
The stripe reader seems to get worn out fairly quickly. The charge to swipe the credit card is fair, but if you have to type the card in due to the worn out reader, or a worn our card the fee is higher. I tend to do more over the phone charges with one business, and the fee can get pretty high.
I operate a small catering company. I have been processing all of my credit card transactions through Sams Club Merchant Credit Card Processing/First Data. However, I am fed up with all of the interchange fees! Some months my interchange fees are 3x the amount of my regular processing fees. When I process clients credit cards; I never know what fees to expect the following month because they could be using a reward credit card, corporate card, government credit card, etc.
Jason, they charge a higher transaction rate for phone and 3rd party website orders which should cover any additional risk they might be worried about. If they were so worried about risk, then I think a better option would be to put a reserve or ask for more information instead of just using the banhammer. It’s a shame since Square does have better rates compared to what my old merchant account was getting. I could care less now. I hope they are happy with all the small mom & pop merchants they have. I’ve already gone to one of their competitors.
we now made 2 groups but need to know if we did this correctly to not run into the same mistake again this weekend. how will we know if we partitioned it correctly and moving forward what is the proper way to take payments so we know what purchase is for what>
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stay well away they freeze your money after asking silly questions for no reason what so ever only that they can after an account is opened ? surely they would ask details questions when you first join as soon as you start to ask payments they freeze you so they can use your money for months free of charge it like paypal do we use stripe now and no issues stay well away and never use squareup or paypal ever
I got a Square reader and used it with my phone one time to register folks for a meeting. It worked great. But the next time I tried, I couldn’t get it to work. The jack port was apparently loosened. I had NEVER used the jack port EVER, except that one time. I WAS happy with it, now I’m not.
I own a furniture store and Square deactivated my merchant account in October 2015 because a customer’s card failed to process a few times. They sent me an abrupt email saying that the decision to deactivate the account was final and that they are holding my funds (from the same customer that actually successfully processed the payment finally) for 90 days until releasing it to my bank account. In addition, I was left with no way to process credit card payments from my retail customers for a week until I got a replacement solution (Shopify). Today, I found that that not only are they still holding on to my money, they continued to charge for the Customer Engagement Pro tool on my DEACTIVATED account for the past two months. This was the last draw and I had to write this review to warn others of this inconsiderate company.I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the great design of the product, but Square falls way short of actually understanding a customer’s true needs and they left me stranding at a crucial time of my business, with no real support available. I am staying far away from this company and will advise all of my business owning friends to be ware of them as well.
Square is the worst company on the planet!! They accept funds from customer credit cards, then say there is a limit, then take forever to refund. Then you call them, having to go to site first for a stupid code, then they lie and say they are calling back. Then they don’t call and you go to try to call and it says THIS CUSTOMER IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO CALL!! THE INVOICE PLATFORM IS A JOKE, THE WHOLE COMPANY SUCKS!!
Extremely frustrating experience with Square Inc. I’ve never had such a difficult time trying speak to a company rep or agent in my life. And for the type of service that Square provides for people and businesses, that is just inexcusable and ridiculous. None of my funds have been released, since my first customer charge 30 days ago! And currently those charges totals over $3k. And now, after countless back and forth useless & auto-generated emails, 1 actual phone conversation (with a useless agent at that), they decided to deactivate my account…..and hold my funds for possibly 90 days!?! Absolutely absurd! [otp_overlay]

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